Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas
Prep time
Cook time
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Flavorful, healthy, and super colorful, these sweet potato and black bean quesadillas are a crowd pleaser, and SO easy to make.
Serves: 6
  • For the stuffing:
  • 1 sweet potato, peeled, and sliced thin into 1-inch slices
  • ½ white or yellow onion diced
  • 1 large clove of garlic, finely minced
  • ½ green bell pepper diced
  • ½ red bell pepper diced
  • ½ cup fresh corn
  • 1 can black beans. drained and rinsed
  • 1 teaspoon coriander powder
  • ½ teaspoon red chili powder
  • ½ teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano leaves
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil
  • 1 handful of cilantro chopped
  • To assemble quesadillas:
  • Whole wheat tortillas
  • ¼ cup of shredded Mexican cheese (per quesadilla)
  • Avocado slices
  • 1-3 teaspoons of olive oil/coconut oil or cooking oil spray
  • To serve:
  • Greek yogurt
  • Hot sauce (I love and recommend Tapatio!)
  1. In a large saucepan, heat oil on medium-high heat. Add cumin, sliced sweet potatoes, and salt, and let cook for about 10 minutes. Don't let them burn, so keep stirring them around.
  2. Throw in the diced onions and continue cooking for about 3 minutes.
  3. Add bell peppers (both kind) and garlic, and stir to combine. Cook for another 5 minutes or until the peppers are soft.
  4. Add corn, beans, paprika, coriander powder, oregano leaves, and more salt. Combine together and taste to make sure there is enough salt.
  5. Cook for a few minutes more, add cilantro, toss together, and then remove from heat.
  6. To assemble the quesadillas: Spray a nonstick pan with cooking oil spray or heat ½ teaspoon of coconut/olive oil
  7. Lay down one tortilla, make sure heat is on medium
  8. Sprinkle about ⅛th of a cup of the shredded cheese (or more if you want more!)
  9. Scoop about ¼th cup of the sweet potato filling and spread it on top of the cheese, creating a layer.
  10. Lay down about 4 slices of avocado
  11. Sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top of the avocado
  12. Place a second tortilla on top and press down with your hands or the spatula.
  13. By now, the bottom tortilla should be golden brown and cooked.
  14. Flip the quesadilla and cook the other side for 3-4 minutes.
  15. Remove from heat, and cut into 4 pieces.
  16. Serve with yogurt and hot sauce. Eat immediately!
  17. Note: The stuffing will keep in the fridge for up to a week, so you've got quesadillas all week long.
Recipe by Cooking with Aparna at http://www.cookingwithaparna.com/sweet-potato-and-black-bean-quesadillas-2/